Our Mission

At Beth T'filah we are committed to the following objectives: 


1. L'dor v'dor: From generation to generation. To teach the faith of Yeshua Messiah to the next generation. Thus, Betfh T'filah objective is focused on the support and nurture of Messianic Famlies, especially our Jewish Families.

2. Tikun Olam: Repairing the World. To proclaim the Gospel of the good news of Messiahs coming kingdom to the entire world. To foster peace between our Jewish brothers and the believing community.

3. Tzedakah: Benevolence and Charity. To minister to the poor and suffering within our community and abroad. This is true religion.

4. Am Israel Chai: The People of Israel Live. To support the national state of Israel through gifts, benevolence, seminars, teachings, partnerships and in any way in which G-d makes available to do so. 

5. Pirkei Avot: The Chapters of the Fathers. To the teaching and rediscovering of the common moral and ethical foundations of the Jewish, Messianic and Christian traditions and how these distinct understandings are bridged through our common heritage.